4 Reasons to Use the SameAddress Senior Concierge Button


Most aging adults prefer to live in their own homes for as long as possible, but if your parent or loved one is living alone, what would happen in the case of an emergency?

One comprehensive solution is the SameAddress One-Source Concierge Button, which connects older adults to a 24-hour call center with the push of a button. If you’re looking for peace of mind in regards to your aging loved one’s living situation, the Concierge Button offers immediate emergency response, access to more than 40 services, information resources and more.

While our clients choose to use the Button for a variety of different reasons, below are the four major services offered through SameAddress’ Concierge Solution.

1. Emergency Response

If your aging parent were to have a fall or medical emergency, how would they get immediate help? Around-the-clock responder support can be the difference between a major emergency and a minor accident, especially for loved ones that live alone on a part-time or full-time basis.

With just a click of the One-Source Concierge Button, our expert responders will immediately address whether the situation is an emergency and will dispatch the services your loved one needs. For caregivers with safety concerns or for those that live outside of the immediate area, the Concierge Button is a great solution for safety and peace of mind. 

2. Access to More Than 40 Services

Does mom need someone to regularly check in on her? Does dad need help with repairs and maintenance around the house? Our Senior Concierge Button puts more than 40 services at your loved one’s fingertips, ranging from daily living support to home modifications and repairs to professional services.

Whether your loved one is in need of help with personal care and hygiene, house cleaning and chores, financial assistance or other services, SameAddress can help. You can find a list of more of the services offered through the Concierge Button here. 

3. Questions & Information

Maybe your loved one needs a reminder about their medication schedule or an update on finances — SameAddress can help with those situations too. Our response team is here to provide any answers or information needed, and through our dCare online portal, we will provide regular updates to caretakers on any upcoming or recently completed services.

4. Someone To Talk To

Even if your aging loved one just needs someone to talk to when they’re lonely or it’s late at night, SameAddress is here for that too! We’re willing to help our clients in any capacity they need, even if that means having a casual conversation about whatever is on their mind.

With the One-Source Concierge Button, your loved one will be getting comprehensive, cost-effective emergency coverage and access to whatever services they might need around the house. Senior Concierge Button programs start at $49.50 per month, there’s no long-term commitment and access to the services can stop at any time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Concierge Button, contact us online or at 866-SENIOR-1 (866-736-4671) to schedule a care planning session and create a personalized plan that will meet your unique needs and budget.

With the Concierge Button, aging adults can have a personal concierge 24/7 in the convenience of their own home, while caretakers will have peace of mind knowing that their loved one is safe, healthy and happy.