Introducing the SameAddress Memory Care Program

Memory Care Program

Managing memory care issues for yourself or a loved one is one of the most trying challenges many people will ever face.  The difficulties involved in doing so can be overwhelming, and they are often a key reason seniors are forced to leave their own homes for assisted living or nursing homes. However,  reliable help from a memory care program does exist, and it can make a profound and positive impact on the health, safety and happiness of someone experiencing memory issues. It can also significantly reduce the day-to-day burden on caregivers.

To this end, SameAddress is proud to announce our new Memory Care Program, which is designed specifically to help those with memory issues stay at home. Our program is designed to treat all of the social, behavioral and medical issues that can accompany memory conditions.  We start with a specialized, comprehensive assessment of a senior’s condition, and – working closely with you – we use this information to create an actionable plan outlining what level of care is needed, and how a senior and their family can meet their goals in treating/managing the condition.

Our program includes a thorough, evidence-based approach, consisting of:

Thorough Physical and Mental Health Assessment.

Our comprehensive but non-invasive diagnosis includes reviewing a client’s health history and existing dementia diagnoses, fall risk assessment,  as well as screening for depression.

Long-Term Goal Planning for the Patient and Family.

Whether your goal is increasing quality of life, maintaining independence, or decreasing needs for medications, identifying goals upfront ensures that every step of the way in the memory care path is taken with a purpose.

Medicine Reconciliation at Home.

This process helps ensure our clients fully understand the medications they are taking, and reduces the risk of them using old, high-risk, or negatively interacting medications.

Trigger Documentation.

For seniors struggling with dementia, a variety of environmental situations or stimuli, known as triggers, can cause issues or episodes of confusion. To help combat these, we document any potential triggers found in previous episodes to help family/caregivers know what has been tried, what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Daily Routine Planning.

Consistency is key when considering a memory care plan. A daily routine plan includes everything a healthy senior may need on an everyday basis, including bathing, meals, social activities, physical exercise, social interaction, sleep, and tactics for managing issues like sun downing or wandering.

Home Safety.

Whether it be a simple home modification or a technology upgrade to help monitor in-home safety, a thorough home inspection is vital in creating the safest environment possible for senior’s suffering from a memory condition.

The dCare portal.

All details of care, from assessment to scheduling to billing, are managed through our dCare portal, available from any device with web access. dCare is designed to help our clients, families, caregivers and team work together and share key information relating to care.

Managing memory care can be overwhelming, and nothing will ever make it easy. That is why SameAddress developed the Memory Care Program, to put all the tools in one place and to make this difficult task as simple to manage as possible. Can be your extra support and assist every step of the way, so so you always have exactly what help you need.

Looking to inquire about the Memory Care Program? Call SameAddress today at 1-866-SENIOR-1.