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In Home Care

In Home Senior Care in Southern Michigan

Our In Home Care Solution provides older adults with the personal care assistance they need at home to maintain everyday health and wellness. Our expert specialists are trained and trusted to respond to all types of personal care needs.

We customize our care by conducting an Individual Care Assessment and Home Assessment that and evaluates an older adult’s living situation and personal health to develop a personal care plan that optimizes their safety and well-being. Through our dCareportal, you can monitor the personal assistance care plan, access centralized care information, and manage all care services being used.

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From lawn care to technical support to legal advice, our Concierge Services will help older adults maintain a much more comfortable lifestyle, simply from the touch of a button.

In Home Care Services

Personal Care

• Bathing
• Toileting
• Dressing
• Skin Care
• Oral Care
• Social visits
• Respite for Caregiver
• Hair styling and cutting

Health Care Management

• Care plan assessment
• Health Advocate
• Health Coach
• Medication management
• Medical equipment and supplies
• Telehealth
• In home doctors/nurses/dentists
• Emergency monitoring and response
• Monitor health status
• Check-in visits or calls