Home Maintenance For Seniors: 5 Common Areas of Concern


One of the main challenges for older adults living at home is keeping up with all of the work that comes with owning a house. A lack of routine home maintenance can be a hazard to health and safety for seniors, and may end up causing costly repairs over time.

However, for adults choosing to age at home that are struggling with tasks like deep cleaning and outdoor maintenance, SameAddress is here to help. We offer a wide range of home maintenance and cleaning services, and our Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists (CAPS) have identified many common issues aging adults have with maintaining their homes.

At SameAddress, we are invested in building awareness about the challenges of home maintenance for seniors, and have listed some of the most common problems we have found during home inspections and walkthroughs. To help your loved one maintain their independence and keep up with house work, check out the tips on home maintenance for seniors below, or contact us today to set up a personalized maintenance plan.

Common Issues For Adults Aging At Home

Clutter & Cleanliness

Often when we conduct home inspections or maintenance visits, we find forgotten objects piling up in various areas around a house. Whether it’s memoirs and antiques, old appliances or tools, or stacks of mail, magazines and newspapers, clutter can pose as a tripping hazard to aging adults and can make a home much more difficult to navigate.

Convincing an aging loved one to throw out unnecessary items is the best solution, but this can be a challenge for seniors that aren’t willing to part with their belongings. If this is the case, be prepared to help an aging loved one reorganize their belongings in a way where walkways and foot traffic areas are safe and unobstructed

Additionally, cleanliness as a whole can be a concern in the interior of many homes. Be prepared to lend a hand with cleaning any or all areas of a house, especially within the kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen, it is particularly important to ensure that all cooking appliances and equipment are clean and safe for use.

Dead Batteries & Bulbs

No one wants to live in a dark, gloomy home, but changing light bulbs can be a major challenge when it comes to home maintenance for seniors. Between simply reaching the area of the bulb on the ceiling and balancing on a ladder or chair to make the change, changing a light bulb is not a very senior-friendly task. We often tour through homes where hard-to-reach bulbs have long been burnt out, so caretakers should check each light fixture individually to ensure that the home is well lit, safe and easy to navigate.

Alarm batteries are often left unchanged for the same reasons, and dead home alarms are a major safety concern when it comes to fires, carbon monoxide or other gases. Caretakers should ensure that all alarms are functioning properly during each inspection. If a security system is present, it should also be tested a few times throughout the year.

Lawn & Garden Overgrowth

When it comes to home maintenance for seniors, cutting and hauling away vegetation is certainly one of the more labor-intensive tasks, so be prepared to lend a hand with lawn and garden overgrowth. Whether an aging loved one needs assistance with routine lawn mowing, gardening or major landscaping updates, outdoor maintenance is typically one of the most common areas where seniors need assistance.

Drainage & Exteriorhome-maintenance-for-seniors

No one wants to see their aging mother or father climb up to the top rung of a ladder to clean their gutters. Especially during the spring and fall transitions as leaves and seeds take flight, it’s important to clean all gutters and downspouts to ensure that the home’s drainage system is in working order.

Additionally, the spring and fall are ideal times to examine the exterior of the home for cracks, holes, loose shingles and damage caused by extreme weather. Doors and windows should also be inspected to ensure they are not damaged and lock properly, and may need to be lubricated to open and close with ease.

Appliance and System Maintenance

Even for aging adults that maintain a very clean home, inspecting household appliances and A/C and furnace systems can be a challenge. It’s important to do a routine sweep of all appliances and systems to ensure they are sanitary and in working order.

For appliances, both the oven and stove often need a deep clean, and the coils beneath the refrigerator often need to be vacuumed. The interior of refrigerators, toasters and microwaves should also be checked to ensure no fire hazards are present.

When it comes to heating and cooling systems, furnace filters should regularly be replaced, and A/C units should routinely be inspected and cleaned of any leaves or debris. Inspecting heating and cooling systems is especially important during the changing of seasons when the equipment has been dormant for months and is about to be reactivated.

The One-Source Solution For Home Maintenance For Seniors

For caretakers that are unable to help aging loved ones with the common issues above, SameAddress is here to help. To ease the burden of home maintenance for seniors and caretakers, SameAddress offers a HealthyHome Maintenance program where our expert technicians provide comprehensive inspections and routine maintenance around the home three times a year.

The three-visit HealthyHome Maintenance program costs $575 and a single visit costs $200. Our expert staff is also available to perform home modifications and repairs to prevent falls and accidents, increase accessibility and provide comfort and confidence to adults aging at home.

To learn more about how we can help you or an aging loved one enhance quality of life at home, give us a call at 1-866-SENIOR-1 or contact us via our website.