Helping Older Adults Embrace Technology

We live in a rapidly evolving world, full of modern technological marvels and the bittersweet reality of aging. Luckily, there are lots of ways technology can better connect older adults to basic needs, family, medical help, and ultimately, independence. The trick is getting older adults to embrace this technology in a way that is empowering.

Entertainment Technology

Aging adults want to be relaxed and enjoy themselves, and modern entertainment is a thing of wonder. Not only have television displays and video player capabilities come a long way, but there are almost endless movies, shows and games to choose from. Easy-to-use interfaces like Netflix and On-Demand allow older adults to experience new adventures everyday, with characters that are engaging and stories that are captivating. There are channels, like MeTV, that rerun TV episodes from the 40s, 50s and 60s, so they can relive the shows they used to watch in their younger days. Video and computer games also provide an exciting escape while brain games can help older adults boost their brain activity, focus and memory. The discovery of new technology can seem overwhelming to older adults, but by teaching them how to connect with this technology and engaging them in the possibilities, you can help older adults begin to explore new worlds from the comfort of their home.

Social Technology

Someone living alone might struggle to get the social interaction they desire. And aging adults don’t always have the capacity to venture out in the world to visit with others. However, between the Internet and smart devices, there are countless ways to connect with people. With social channels like Facebook, grandparents can keep up with their kids and grandkids through photos and shared conversations. Applications like Skype and FaceTime let them to see and chat with family and friends in real time, making the connection all the more rewarding. Social media channels can also help older adults keep up with the brands, news and topics they are most interested in, pulling all the relevant information they want to read into one simple, scrollable interface. Older adults can also find a sense of community in online forums that support discussions and communications on subjects they are curious or passionate about, such as gardening or philosophy. Just because older adults aren’t always able to go out a lot, doesn’t mean they can’t be social butterflies in their own way.

Lifestyle Technology

Beyond filling their lives with entertaining media and meaningful interactions, technology can connect older adults to the things they need, right when they need it. Whether that need is something as urgent as emergency help or as basic as shoveling and de-icing sidewalks during the winter —there are times when older adults need assistance, but don’t want to bother friends and family. With the One-Source Concierge Button by SameAddress, older adults can connect with over 30 services at the touch of a button—services that enable them to worry less, lead a more active lifestyle and take better care of themselves and their home. With the introduction of this service and technology, more and more older adults have the option to age in place, rather than in nursing homes, saving everyone stress, time and money. By connecting your older loved one to this latest advancement in service technology, you enable them to quickly get solutions that help them live safer, more secure and more independent than ever.

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