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SameAddress Discusses Senior Speed Dating & Socialization On WDIV-TV


On Wednesday, June 22, SameAddress’ VP of Sales and Marketing Garry Cole once again joined ‘Live in the D’ on WDIV and spoke with Chuck Gaidica and Tati Amare about socialization and speed dating for seniors. The WDIV crew also visited the Clinton Township Senior Adult Life Center, where they observed a senior speed dating…

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SameAddress Visits WDIV-TV To Talk Pickleball & Exercise For Aging Adults


On April 19, SameAddress CEO Tina Abbate Marzolf joined WDIV-TV’s Chuck Gaidica and Tati Amare on “Live In The D” to discuss pickleball and other ways for aging adults to stay fit. Tati even visited the Rochester OPC Senior Center to show off her skills on the Pickleball court. Check out the video below to…

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Breaking a Sweat: Physical Activity For Older Adults


For aging adults, a consistent physical activity routine can be a challenge to maintain, though it is incredibly important for maintaining health and independence. Regular exercise strengthens muscles, joints and bones, enhances flexibility, prevents health problems, reduces the risk of developing injuries and illnesses and produces long-term health benefits. Even older adults with arthritis, heart…

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