7 Ways Healthcare Managers Make a Difference

As we get older, our health becomes more and more critical to monitor. This is especially the case for aging loved ones, who may need to make more regular visits to their doctors or other medical professionals. These appointments often lead to a wealth of information, a need for follow-ups, sometimes a new diagnosis, or even some very serious advice. All of which is critical information for both older adults and their families, which is why the assistance of a healthcare manager is so important. These individuals can make a world of difference in a senior’s health and wellness, making life easier and more comfortable for them and the entire family.

For those unfamiliar with the term, healthcare managers, often times these individuals are nurses or healthcare professionals called “case managers” or providing “case management,” are individuals helping seniors to navigate the sometimes confusing medical system and ensure the best care. These seven key points are just a sample of the numerous ways that healthcare managers can make a world of difference for a senior’s health.


Scheduling Appointments & Organizing Documents

All of the upfront stress of doctors’ appointments are made especially easy with the assistance of a proper healthcare manager. They handle calling the doctor to schedule appointments, organizing any documentation or medical records that are needed and working with seniors to make sure all the information is correct and up-to-date prior to the appointment.


Transportation to and from Appointments/Pharmacies

Don’t worry about juggling meetings and obligations to make time for driving an aging loved one to an appointment, healthcare managers handle all of the transportation to and from the doctor’s office. They even stop at pharmacies afterward to make sure any new or existing prescriptions are filled and available for your aging loved one.


Taking Notes and Follow-Up

Once at the appointment, healthcare managers become an indispensable second set of eyes and ears for seniors. Consider them an “active liaison” on behalf of the patient. They are taking copious amounts of notes on feedback from the doctor to not only provide to the senior, but also to provide to the family and loved ones so that everyone is on the same page.


Asking the Important Questions

A lot of healthcare managers are former medical professionals, providing them with experience and expertise to ensure that the proper steps are being taken when a senior is at an appointment. Whether it be asking for specific tests to be run or inquiring about treatment options for chronic conditions, a health advocate is always looking out for the best medical interests of the senior they are with.


Keeping Medication and Prescriptions Organized

For older adults with chronic medical conditions, there can be a plethora of pills and medicines that need to be organized and taken on a set schedule. Healthcare managers are valuable assistants in making sure that any medical prescriptions are in possession of aging loved ones and taken on schedule per the doctor’s recommendations. Additionally, they are keeping track of and filling multiple prescriptions to keep their senior on schedule with their medicine.


Coordinating Information Between Doctors

In certain medical situations, a senior may be juggling visits and care from multiple doctors and/or specialists. This requires an extra level of coordination and organization, especially when there is a need to coordinate information. Healthcare managers take the burden off senior’s and their family by keeping all documents organized and communicating with the offices to ensure that all the proper information is up-to-date and being shared.


Communicating with Family and Friends

Perhaps the most important point, healthcare managers are critical in making sure that seniors family, friends and loved ones are all on the same page with what’s going on. Typically, they will use an online portal to upload their notes and relevant information, similar to dCare at SameAddress, a secure, HIPPA-compliant online dashboard that helps you monitor any of the services you’re using with us, including notes from healthcare managers. This way, family and friends of older adults can keep up with any news or developments from medical appointments.

To learn more about dCare at SameAddress, read our blog post detailing the service here. If you or an aging loved one is looking for a healthcare manager to assist in their medical needs, contact SameAddress today at 1-866-SENIOR-1.

Our staff of professional and caring health advocates possesses a wealth of expertise and experience ready to assist seniors in need.