6 Fun Activities for Seniors Looking to Stay Healthy

Fun Activities for Seniors

The benefits of an active lifestyle for seniors are well documented – from helping to control and combat physical conditions as well as elevating moods and overall happiness for seniors. This doesn’t just mean going for a jog or taking a water aerobics class. These six fun activities for seniors are just a few of the many ways they can stay active and healthy.


For seniors looking to work up a sweat without the wear and tear on their body and joints, pickleball is the new, popular go-to activity. For the uninitiated, pickleball is a sport that is similar to tennis but is played on a smaller court and with a lighter ball and paddle. The sport has been booming recently with older adults, with many local senior centers and gyms now offering the sport. The sport is also a great social activity as it requires four players for a game, making it a great way for seniors to meet up, interact with one another and have fun while working up a sweat.



The ancient Chinese martial art form is centered around slow, flowing movements, making it a perfect exercise option for older adults. For centuries, seniors in China have used Tai Chi as a ritual form of exercise each morning. Practicing Tai Chi regularly is known to enhance a senior’s overall health and fitness, and can also help produce a better sense of balance and strength.



If the weather is not co-operating, the bowling alley is a great place for older adults that are looking to stay active. When done regularly, bowling is an activity that can strengthen muscles and balance. Outside of the physical benefits, It can also be a great social activity for seniors that choose to enter a league and play on a team. Bowling is also an activity that spans generations, something that can be done with children and grandchildren, making it fun for the entire family.



No matter if it is the more traditional ballroom dancing or something a little spicier like salsa, the benefits of dancing for older adults are as numerous as the variations. Dancing is an excellent cardiovascular activity that improves strength and balance, and it’s a fantastic social activity as well. According to recent studies, seniors that participated in a two-week dancing class experienced reductions in their levels of both stress and anxiety.


Chair Aerobics

For those aging in-home, it can sometimes be difficult to hit the treadmill or bike to work up a sweat. Chair Aerobics is an activity that offers the same benefits as traditional cardio activities, with exercises done while sitting. Chair aerobics consist of exercises that engage your arms, legs and other areas all while getting your heart pumping. Many chair aerobics lessons can be found online, or If the senior has an in-home streaming device such as an Apple TV or Roku, there are fitness specific apps that they can download and follow along with.


Nintendo Wii

The old notion that video games are for couch potatoes is a thing of the past thanks to systems like the Nintendo Wii. Despite being a few years old, this system offers numerous games and activities that are fun while standing and being active. Games like Wii bowling or Wii tennis are great alternative options of cardio during the winter months. They are also a great opportunity for older adults to play with their younger family members at get-togethers and visits.



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